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    • ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro.

      ASUSPRO B9440UA

      ASUSPRO B9440

      World's lightest 14" business notebook
      US Military grade reliability, only 1.05kg.
      The B9440 provides the enviable ultra-lightness, durable robustness and larger display necessary to remain on top of business anytime and anywhere in the world. Professionally designed in every aspect, the world's lightest 14" business notebook is armed with US military grade reliability plus the ingenious 14" full HD display on a smaller 13" chassis. Even the iconic angular edges of the B9440 embody the purpose-driven spirit of a serious business notebook. Now that's the smarter way for your business anytime and anywhere globally.
      ASUSPRO B9440 14-inch is the lightest business notebook in its class and weighs just 1.05Kg with battery. This is valid before June 2017. Please refer to ASUS official websites for more information.

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      icon The World's Lightest At 1.05kg

      Ultra-light means ultra-mobility

      It is the world's lightest 14" at only 1.05kg making each business trip a breeze and besides, that means you can even have more room to pack other important necessities for your trip too.
      icon Robust US Military Grade Reliability

      Heavy duty robustness even during travel

      Heavy duty robustness for a business notebook is critical and that is why the enterprise durable B9440 is built with a tough all-metal chassis crafted from Magnesium alloy. It is US MIL-STD 810G graded and has also passed the stringent reliability standards of ASUS to ensure the dependable operation for the B9440 in any environment.
      icon Tested For Your Peace-Of-Mind

      Durability & reliability you can trust

      Demanding US MIL-STD 810G grading for durability and extensive ASUS tests include:
      Drop Test from over
      2 Times
      that of standard models
      Panel Pressure Test withstands
      20% Higher Endurance
      over standard models
      Hinge Test of
      open/close cycles
      Keyboard Durability Test with
      Force & Typing Speed
      for highest robustness
      icon Crafted with Lighter & Stronger Magnesium alloy

      Professional, stylish & durable

      The B9440's Magnesium alloy construction is not only lighter but is stronger, making it the ideal device for extensive daily usage
      in the office or while traveling. Not surprising as its Magnesium alloy construction is harder than conventional alloy allowing the
      panel to take up to 20% more pressure.
      icon Long-Lasting Battery Life Of 10 Hours

      Uninterrupted performance
      when you need it

      Nothing is more frustrating than running out of battery when you must attend to an important piece of work. Well, not anymore as you have more than 10 hours of battery life in the B9440.
      10 Hours

      battery life
      Li-ion Polymer
      48 Wh

      Fast Charging up to
      50 %

      within 30 minutes
      Based on testing with MobileMark 2014.
      Battery life varies significantly with settings, usage, & other factors.
      icon Larger 14” Display On A 13” Chassis

      Narrower 5.4mm bezel
      means a larger display
      Larger 14" display allows for a pleasant viewing every time especially when you are traveling. The ultra-narrow bezel of 5.4mm wide also means the advantage of a wide 14” screen but with an overall size of a notebook which is smaller than conventional 13” notebooks, making it more convenient to use, carry and pack too.
      Ultra-slim Bezel

      on top & on both sides

      on a 13” notebook chassis
      icon Full HD Anti-Glare Display
      Ultra-rich images & less tiring for the eyes

      Enjoy full HD resolution from a wide 178-degree viewing angle with the anti-glare matte display which protects the eyes.
      Full HD
      Wide viewing angle
      Anti-glare, matte display
      icon 7-degree Optimum Typing Position

      Maximum comfort for your wrists, body & neck

      The unique hinge structure of the B9440 acts like a special support allowing the keyboard to be tilted at a 7-degree angle to provide the most comfortable typing position. Say goodbye to aching wrists, body and neck from long hours of typing.

      Unique keyboard design

      tilted for the most comfortable typing position
      icon Ergonomic Keyboard Design

      Unsurpassed typing experience

      The full-size 19.05mm key pitch offers the most comfortable typing distance between each finger. Not forgetting the 0.15mm dish key which caresses each fingertip plus the responsive andaccurate typing provided by the 1.5mm key travel.
      Full size
      key pitch
      dish key
      key travel
      picture picture picture
      icon Spill-Resistant & Backlit Keyboard

      Meticulous attention to detail features which you'll appreciate

      No worries at all during any accidental spillage on the keyboard plus the sheer delight of being able to type even in the dark.
      icon Satisfaction Guaranteed Computing Performance

      Boots up in 12 seconds & high performance from Intel? vPRO? CPU processor

      High-performance computing anytime and anywhere your business trips may take you. The B9440 is powered by Intel? Core? i7 vPro? processor with optional Intel? vPro? support for enhanced enterprise manageability and security. There is also the optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for further hardware security.
      icon Omni-Connectivity Without Compromise

      Multiple connections ensuring a seamless interface & is EZ-on-the-go

      Running out of connecting ports on your business notebook is a thing of the past with the optional docking systems available. The omni-connectivity, provided by these docking systems, ensures multiple seamless interfaces for the B9440 via its USB Type-C ports and offers a comprehensive set of ports and connectors.
      icon Multiple Seamless Interfaces

      Work smart & easy with multi-screens connections

      The comprehensive set of ports and connectors on the SimPro Dock provides the seamless interfaces for extended multi-screens viewing as well as facilitating a conference call, video, and presentation at one go.?
      icon Crystal Clear Sound

      Clear & transparent audio for work and leisure too

      The audibility of the B9440 is impressively immersive with its rich bass and crystal-clear sound. Delivered by the powerful ASUS SonicMaster audio system, which is designed with Harman/Kardon, it ensures every decibel is music to your ears.
      Harmon/Kardon Tuning – The audio system of the B9440 was tuned by experts from ASUS ‘Golden Ears' audio team as well as renowned audiophile company, Harmon/Kardon to ensure the very best experience for the playback of a wide variety of content.
      ASUS Golden Ears Team: Did you know? ASUS has a dedicated group of sound and music-obsessed engineers, called the ‘Golden Ears Team', who specializes in optimizing the audio systems for notebooks. They will only certify a model with the SonicMaster mark after they are satisfied with its audio performance.
      icon Pro-Environment ASUS

      Leading the way for a better place to live, work and play for everyone

      As a pro-environment corporate citizen, GreenASUS leads the industry with exclusive initiatives such as the energy-saving EPU technology and ASUS Power Manager thereby garnering for the brand the industry's highest environmental certifications including the Energy Star. GreenASUS also promotes eco-friendly processes in four areas: green design, green procurement, green services as well as green beyond legal compliance.